Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fresh Water Fish Tanks - Maintenance and Facts

If you are a freshwater fish lover, then there are a few important things you should know about keeping them. Keeping pets are not just for your pleasure and enjoyment, you should be a responsible pet owner. If you want your fish to live long and healthy you should provide them with a safe environment in their aquarium fish tanks. Did you know that keeping fish as pets dates back to ancient China and Egypt? Although most of these fishes were from salt water! Keeping freshwater tropical fishes are a bit different because they require certain temperatures.

Tropical freshwater fish live in warm water. The ideal water temperature of your tropical marine aquarium should be between 76 – 80 degrees F. In Celsius, that's 24.5 – 26.7. On the other hand, tropical saltwater fish need warmer temperatures of around 80 – 82 degrees F. In Celsius, that's around 26.7 – 27.8.  If you are planning on keeping both kinds of fish, then you should have more than one marine fish tank. Salt water aquariums are of course best for your tropical salt water fish, while tropical fish aquariums are for your tropical fresh water fish. But in this article, we will be mainly discussing fresh water fish.

You can buy a lot of fish tanks for beginners which are very easy to set up and maintain at many discount fish tanks stores in your local area. There are many types of freshwater fishes. There are coldwater freshwater fishes, tropical fishes, and coldwater marine fishes. The most popular of all three are the coldwater freshwater fish, mainly because of the popularity of the gold fish as a pet which is one. Tropical marine fishes are probably next, mainly because of their bright beautiful colors. A good example of which is a clown fish, which happens to be the protagonist in the Disney movie Finding Nemo!

Coldwater marine fishes are also popular, an example of which is the Blenny. You can't find these kinds of fishes at salt water fish stores; you would have to look for them in tropical fish stores of course. A tropical marine aquarium is relatively harder to maintain because of their water chemistry. Not to mention that marine fishes are more sensitive to saltwater fishes because they aren't usually subjected to much changes in the environment. Therefore keeping your fish tank conducive for your fishes' environment is of the essence.

Factor in the aquarium supplies you'll need, fish aquarium filters, fish aquarium lights and if you want to, living corals. A reef aquarium tank is much harder to maintain especially if you are a beginner, but the rewards are all well worth it if you are up for the challenge. Now we're not trying to scare you off here, we are just elaborating the essentials to ensure the well being of your tropical fish. Once you get a hang the hang of it, you'll find that managing your freshwater fish tanks are much easier and simpler than when you first started out.

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